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3 Easy Ways To Make Sure The Boss Knows Your Name

When you are trying to rise to the top of your field your name goes before you. When your hard work pays off in a better job, your name will hang around for awhile after you've gone. Making sure the boss and other important individuals remember your name is easily accomplished. Here are three simple ways that require little to no effort at all and yield outstanding results.

Never underestimate the power of the name tag. When a person sees your face and reads your name simultaneously it creates a mental connection between the two so that when the face is seen the name is remembered and when encountering the name, the face is recalled. If you're in a uniform with your name stitched onto it, make sure it is appropriate to business standards and your name is clean and clearly visible. If your day is more name badges on your personally owned wardrobe, try to stand out from the crowd with a unique or colorful lanyard to help people form that mental connection between name and face. If no one in your office wears their name on their shirts, then simply slap on a white adhesive name badge write your name on there and everyone who sees you, will remember you. 

If name tags just aren't going to work for you, you can start referring to yourself in the third person being sure to state your full name at the beginning and end of each conversation throughout the day. The boss and everyone else will remember your name for a very long time. 

However the best way to make sure the boss knows your name is to solve his problems, or make her life easier. And to do that you call us. Whether it's the table cloths on the patio, lab coats for visiting VIPs or coveralls in one size fits nobody, we know your business depends on vendors and suppliers that are reliable and trustworthy.

At Laundry Service, we understand your laundry service needs. We already know who are the best suppliers of linens, uniforms, shop rags and the multitude of other things available in the laundry service industry. With one call to us, we can assess your needs and provide you with tangible solutions in your area. We will provide you with up to three actual quotes from quality vendors hand picked to meet your needs, saving you time and hassle. From small laundry service needs to institutional staff uniform service, we at Laundry Service are ready to help you get the help you need. Call us today and let us show you how our hard work makes choosing your laundry service provider quick and easy.